Thursday, July 29, 2010

2005 Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz

Ripper of a wine. There’s something about it that could only be Penfolds, and something about it that is very South Australian. Classic nose of plum, blackcurrant, licquorice, and lovely oak. It’s rich and voluptuous on the palate, but is nevertheless nicely balanced. It has a wonderful drive and intensity through the mid-palate, before delivering a long finish supported by fine tannins. Beautiful to drink now and will just get better over the next decade and beyond . . .


RRP: $58
ABV: 14.5%


Chris Plummer said...

Actually had a bottle of this at a dinner on saturday, perhaps by chance more than anything else!

I perused the restaurant's wine list looking for a decent, affordable bottle of red for red meats, and then ordered a 2006 Mitchell Peppertree ($47) off their list, the waitress returned with a bottle of the 2007 Peppertree and I told her it wasn't what I was after. So I perused the list again, picked out Wynns 2008 CSM ($35) only to have the waitress return with a 2007 again. By this point I was almost getting impatient, so I just said bugger it, get us the 2005 Bin 389 ($90). Fortunately this time she returned with the 2005 (and not the 2006 or 2007) and Red, despite paying double what I originally intended to, it was quite obviously the right choice in the end! A good accompaniment to a feast of sirloin steak, Hay Valley lamb, emu, and kangaroo, and four and a half stars well earned!

Chris P

Red said...

One of my bugbears at restaurants (especially expensive ones) is when there is no regard for vintage with a wine. Had a similar experience once when ordering an 05 Moss Wood Cabernet, and they tried to give me an 06.

Brown said...

2 weeks ago I had a simmilar 'vintage error'. The wine list at the only wine bar in walking distance from where I live had a 2004 Graveyard for $140. Seeing it retailed for $100-110 on release I was dead keen to order it.
The waiter came out with a 2007 without confirming it was different to what was on the menue, etc. Given the Hunter can have very good and very bad vintages, it could have meant I was being served a wine of greatly varied quality without knowing it (until I took a sip!).
Luckily the 2007 is a great vintage of the Graveyard and it is approachable now (while being a wine made to age),and it retailed for $140 so it was not a disaster. However, someone not paying attention could still be duped in different circumstances.

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