Sunday, July 18, 2010

2008 Growers Co-Op Chardonnay (Retail, Eden Valley & Tumbarumba)

I was out of cheap white wine, and needed some for a Risotto I was doing, so I went downstairs to Vine, an excellent independent bottleshop, just around the corner from where I live. I spotted a bottle of this wine at $10. Price wise it fitted the bill, but I also held out hope that it might be a half-decent wine. Given the grape glut at present in Australia, I figure it’s a pretty good time to be buying a Co-op wine like this, given that it should in theory have some half decent grapes going into it. It’s also from two interesting regions for Chardonnay, the Eden Valley and Tumbarumba.

Normally you’d be well advised to avoid a lot of $10 chardonnay, but not in this instance. This Chardy provides simple, yet smooth and enjoyable drinking. The perfect wine to add to your cooking (from a cost perspective) and then have a glass or two of it with your dinner.

It has a varietal nose of grapefruit and peaches, along with a touch of oak. On the palate it has some nice sweet fruit on the front palate, before moving towards more sour, grapefruit flavours along the back palate. Good length. A bit of minerality. A touch of woodiness on the finish my only real criticism.

Not sure how many $10 Chardonnays I’ve consumed, but this would be just about the best I’ve had at this price point.


RRP: $10


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