Sunday, July 4, 2010

2009 Coldstream Hills Chardonnay (Yarra Valley, Cellar Door)

With the heat and smoke taint associated with the tragic Black Saturday bushfires, the 2009 vintage is generally going to be one to avoid in the Yarra. As such, the 09 Coldstream Hills Chardonnay is a bit of a revelation. At only 12.0% ABV and with not a hint of smoke taint that I could detect, Coldstream Hills have not only seemingly beaten the ravages of the vintage, but also produced a lovely modern expression of Australian Chardonnay

Lovely nose of peach, understated oak, and a sweet note of something akin to palm dates. On the palate it provides enjoyable, smooth drinking with flavours of peach and grapefruit supported by spicy oak and good acidity. There’s just a touch of nice buttery texture to the wine as well. The smooth, long finish is excellent. It went beautifully with a Moroccan chicken dish. Fantastic wine given the vintage.


RRP: $28
ABV: 12%



Chris Plummer said...

Interesting note Red. I went round a friends place last night where we were sipping a 2008 Adelaide Hills cleanskin pinot noir alongside a 2009 Sticks Pinot Noir from the Yarra. Although it barely reflected anything varietal everyone thought the cleanskin was the preferable of the two; let's just say 'smooth' would've been the last adjective I would've used to describe the Sticks' finish!

Chris P

Red said...

Doesn't surprise me Chris that the cleanskin was better. A number of Yarra wineries won't even be releasing 09 wines (especially the reds), hence the pleasant surprise with this Chardonnay.

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