Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2007 Seville Estate Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley)

Smoke taint has affected what would have otherwise been a very nice Pinot Noir. It has a lovely aromatic nose of cherry, cinnamon, and sap, along with just a hint of smokiness.

On the palate it drinks well, until you get right to the finish. There’s some sweet cherry on the front palate, before it turns largely savoury and sappy, supported by some fine tannins. Where there would have been a persistence of enjoyable flavour on the finish, there is instead an element of ashtray smokiness. It certainly doesn’t make it undrinkable, and indeed I largely enjoyed drinking this wine. However, the smoke taint is noticeable, and you’d think that this is a trait that will become more dominant with age. With this in mind I’d be drinking it now if you have some of this.


RRP: $30
ABV: 14.0%


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Anonymous said...

I discovered a bottle of the 07 at the back of my wine fridge yesterday, and can confirm that unfortunately the smoke taint has become more prominent with age. There was still sour cherry and lively acid that would have carried it for a lot longer, had the ashtray smokiness not been so dominant. So disappointed!

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