Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2004 Trevor Jones Dry Grown Shiraz

I love the 2004 vintage when it comes to the Barossa Valley. This admiration is partly based on a trip where 2004 wines were being sold, largely based on what I have tasted in the glass. Last Friday I opened a bottle from this favoured vintage.

First impression is the strong hit of French oak on the nose, imparting a sweet, coconut milk chocolate smell (uses 100% new French oak).
Flavours include dark berry fruits, a bit of stewed raspberry followed by considerable dark chocolate which carries through to the finish. The structure is solid, though it pushes the boundaries on the finish with its strong oak and noticeable alcohol heat. If you are used to the big, powerful style it will not shock, though be warned.
The Dry Grown Shiraz has enough fruit flavour to suggest it will age for a few more years, though I fear the oak will swamp it in time. I have a few more of these, so will ‘monitor’ the situation :-). Ironically, the 2004 Kellermeister Black Sash Shiraz (from the same winery) uses old French oak and appeared a better cellaring option based on previous tastings.

Rated: ***1/2
RRP: $30
ABV: 14.8%
Website: https://kellermeister.com.au/

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