Sunday, August 8, 2010

2007 S.C. Pannell Nebbiolo (Adelaide Hills, Retail)

This is a wine that has me excited.

Ever since my wife and I visited Barolo during a trip to Italy in May last year, I have become somewhat obsessed with the Nebbiolo grape, and it has fast drawn alongside Cabernet as my favourite variety.

In loving this grape variety, one of my hopes is that a region can emerge in Australia that produces quality Nebbiolo on a consistent basis. At present the Adelaide Hills, Heathcote, and the King Valley are all throwing their hands up, however, I think another 5-10 years is needed before a clear winner emerges (not that there needs to be a winner – all three regions producing quality Nebbiolo would make me very happy).

This wine is from the Adelaide Hills and is the closest I’ve got to Barolo since my visit there. I tasted it over 3 days and it just got better and better in that time. It’s brickish and light in colour. It has a beautifully aromatic bouquet of roses, cherry, earth, and tar, along with a hint of chocolate. On the palate it tastes of sour cherry, spice, licquorice, and chocolate before delivering a long finish that has some tarry and tobacco notes. Young Barolo is almost invariably very tannic, and while this wine has beautiful, drying tannins, it’s actually less tannic and more approachable than young Nebbiolo often is. I believe it’s going to age superbly, and could be something quite special by the time it hits its 10th birthday and beyond. I toyed with a higher score but for now it’s a comfortable 4 star wine, but with plenty of +’s for the future!


RRP: $45
ABV: 14.0%


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