Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2008 Gembrook Hill Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley)

I’ve written more broadly about Gembrook in a previous post, and this is their latest release Pinot Noir.

This is one of the lightest coloured Pinot Noirs I’ve seen and also one of the most impressive. It has a fragrant nose of strawberry, a hint of orange peel (a characteristic that seems to be common in Gembrook Hill wines), and a bit of stalkiness. The same flavours flow beautifully down the palate along with a bit of spice. This is a wine that will just build with age. It’s impeccably structured with a direct line and length, lovely acidity and fine tannins. Oak is beautifully integrated. If you have a few bottles of this it might be hard to keep your hands off them, but I reckon a stint in the cellar for this wine will be well rewarded.


$RRP: $48
ABV: 13%



Jeremy Pringle said...

I'm yet to taste a Gembrook Hill wine. Major oversite but so many wines, so few livers. Enjoyed the previous overview. The Pinot sounds like a nice place to start.


Red said...

Jeremy, there are so many wines i would love to try but have not yet had the budget or opportunity to do so yet. Having one liver is a major inhibiter as well. Given those limits, I'm very happy that some of my limited resources have gone towards Gembrook Hill.

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