Saturday, June 26, 2010

2008 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley, Cellar Door)

Bought this wine while in the Yarra, and was consumed over several hours last night.

This is a good, varietal Pinot Noir, though the effects of a hot, difficult vintage are evident. Its bouquet smells of cherry and plum along with some hints of forest floor and meatiness. On the front palate it has a nice bit of sweet fruit but then turns largely savoury. It’s stalky, bitter and has a nice bit of spice. It has a long, sour finish that has just a bit of alcohol heat at the end.

Reckon it needs another year or two for those stalky, bitter elements to better integrate into the wine at which point i think it will drink very nicely. That touch of alcohol heat the one issue in a wine that otherwise looks like it should age well.


RRP: $30
ABV: 14.0%


I discovered half a glass left in the bottle after it had been open for 3 days. Upon drinking, sweet fruit flavours got further down the palate this time, before stalky and bitter notes took over (in a less aggressive manner than when I originally tried it). Will almost certainly be better with another year or two in the bottle.


Author: Sean Mitchell said...

Hmm, stalky, bitter, sour finish and alcohol heat on a pinot ... sounds a bit grim!


Red said...

For people who don't like stalky, bitter elements in Pinot, it certainly would be a bit grim at the moment. Personally, I don't mind a touch of stalkiness and bitterness in my Pinot, so for me it's more a case of these characteristics being too dominant at this point in time.

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