Friday, April 19, 2013

Face-Off: 2009 Pardas Collita Roja (Penedes, Spain)

Red: I’d never heard of Sumoll as a grape variety until I tried this wine. It’s imported by Tony Plowman at 120 ML (, and as a point of disclosure I should note that he is a friend from back in my high school days.

Sumoll is indigenous to the Penedes region near Barcelona, and apparently has been a largely forgotten variety, and indeed has been at risk of becoming extinct. Evidently it makes an unremarkable wine if not treated with due care and love in the vineyard. Based on their range of wines, however, it appears as if Pardas are trying to keep these indigenous varieties alive and show what they’re capable of when given some TLC in the vineyard.

The 2009 Collita Roja is 85% Sumoll, 15% Marselan. Organic vineyard practices, handpicked fruit, aged in French oak, 15% of which is new.

The first noticeable thing is its translucent colour. It looks like a lighter Pinot or Gamay. Then to smell it has an expressive nose of cherry, florals, and some positive oak input. To drink the thing that immediately stands out is the acidity, which is prominent, yet appealing within a light to medium bodied frame. There are some lovely flavours here with bright red fruits, and hints of liquorice, spicy cedar, and then an earthiness that provides a savoury finish. That acidity and earthiness add a distinct sense of texture to the wine. Really enjoyable drinking and certainly a point of difference wine. Should age well too. 92 pts

Brown: Interesting wine. Sexy and intriguing nose of dark cherry and turned earth (oak assisted?). Primarily cherry fruit, with a portion of it laced with liqueur cherry. Some subtle liquorice on the palate. Medium bodied and has the colour and appearance of a new world Pinot Noir. Tannins are subtle. Cleansing acid and pleasant minerality kick-in from the mid palate to the finish. Lovely nose, nice upfront fruit, clean and taut acid finish. Food wine. 90pts+ (+= would go well with a wide range of cuisines).

RRP: Not sure but the LUC is $31
Closure: Cork
ABV: 13.9%


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