Saturday, May 21, 2011

Odds & Sods . . .

Some random tasting notes from wines I’ve had over the past few weeks

Dal Zotto Prosecco Pucino NV – $19 - King Valley - This is not far off challenging Brown Brothers NV as my go to inexpensive sparkling. Plenty of generosity in the apple and citrus flavours along with a lovely creaminess here, but this is nicely balanced by savoury notes and a nice acidity. Very enjoyable drinking and you could do worse than to have the Dal Zotto as your house sparkling. 3.5 Stars

2009 Cono Sur Pinot Noir – $9 - Chile - This wine delivers everything you could realistically hope for from a $9 Pinot. Its varietal and provides good, easy drinking. It smells of cherry and raspberry, while also having a hint game meat. On the palate it tends more towards sour cherry with some nice spice in support. Used about a third of the bottle for duck dish I was cooking, and then drank the rest with the meal. Simple pleasures. 3 stars

2009 Kangarilla Sangiovese – $20 - Mclaren Vale - This is a wine that is both true to its region, while also being varietally correct. It tastes like both the grape variety and the terroir have had an equal input into the end result. It’s got the cherry, acidity, and drying tannin bit (Sangiovese), while also having the rich, ripe, chocolate bit (Mclaren Vale). Enjoyed drinking this, and reckon it would be a real crowd pleaser to. 3.5 Stars.


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