Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2008 PHI Pinot Noir (Yarra Valley)

I’ve read on a few occasions that Lusatia Park Vineyard, in the upper Yarra Valley, is a site of “Grand Cru” potential. The 2006 of this wine was possibly the best Australian Pinot Noir I’ve had and at least in that instance seemed to justify the hype (

The 2008 is a Pinot of complexity and potential, but coming from a less than perfect vintage, I’m not sure it will quite scale the heights of the 06.

As with the 06, the 08 performs a lovely dance between sweet and savoury. It’s seductive and complex. Cherry, liquorice, sap, spice, orange peel, smokiness, and truffle all reveal themselves over time. There’s a hint of appealing bitterness and a lovely sense of minerality as well.

There’s great mid-palate intensity and drive, but over the two nights I tasted it, it never quite finished as convincingly as I would have liked. It’s a very good wine, and if a few more years in the cellar can see it better integrated and longer, then it may well fulfil the potential that this special vineyard offers.


RRP: $60
ABV: 13.0%


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Red said...

Had a bottle over a long lunch today and it is drinking beautifully. While perhaps not quite at the level of the 06 or 10, it has blossomed into great Pinot nonetheless. I'd move it up to 4.5 stars now and it will continue to drink well over the next few years.

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