Saturday, May 14, 2011

2010 Tim Adams Riesling (Clare Valley)

I’ve not been a huge fan of a number of 2010 Rieslings from the Clare Valley. They’ve tended to be a bit broad and tropical for my tastes. Happily, the Tim Adams mostly avoids these traits.

To smell it has that classic floral bouquet with aromas of citrus, apples, and slate. The same flavours flow through onto the palate along with some lovely spice. There is some generosity of fruit, but this wine is largely defined by its refined acidity. While I’ve always been quite partial to a battery acid-like young riesling, I’m increasingly appreciating Rieslings whose acidity is less overt, while being no less insistent. This is one of those wines. Excellent length of finish as well.

It should age a treat over the next 10 years, and under screwcap, for possibly a lot longer.


RRP: $20
ABV: 11.5%


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