Saturday, February 20, 2010

2008 Pio Cesare Il Nebbio - $35

Pio Cesare is a family winery that was founded in 1881 and has pretty much produced wine every vintage since that time with the exception of the World Wars. A great, traditional Barolo winery, though this wine is in many ways a very modern expression of Nebbiolo. It is an entry level Nebbiolo that’s meant to be consumed early. It has a very short maceration period so as to reduce the tannins in what is normally a very tannic variety. It doesn’t see any oak, and is released about 6 months after vintage having spent that time in stainless steel. This is all very different from the long maceration and time in oak you get with Barolo and Langhe Nebbiolo. I wrote in a previous post on Barolo, that good Nebbiolo has the nose of a good pinot noir and the body of tannic cabernet. With the way this wine has been made its falls more on the Pinot side of the ledger . . .

Tasted this wine over two nights. A light, clear crimson that hasn’t developed the orange tinge that is normally evident in the variety. A fragrant, varietal nose of strawberry and cherry, some earthiness and a hint of lavender. It has a touch of sweet fruit on the front of the palate, but is a largely a savoury wine, with sour fruit flavours, spice, earthiness and some drying, chewy tannins. Its medium bodied and has decent length. Really enjoyed this.


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