Sunday, February 28, 2010

2008 Mike Press Cabernet Sauvignon ($10 from the cellar door, $14 retail Chambers Cellars)

The Mike Press range of wines ( ) became all the rage in 2007 when people realised their amazing value for money (including yours truly!). I have tried several bottles from the range in the last 18 months and must concur with all the positive reviews. If you are not familiar with this label, grab yourself a bottle. They are some of the best value wines on offer in Australia, and are pretty much dependable across the range, though especially with the red wines.

The 2008 Cabernet (and also the Shiraz from the same vintage) has distinctive vanilla oak on the nose and has medium to full bodied varietal dark berry fruit on the palate. The tannins were supple and the wine did not finish too hot or overly sweet (pleasant change for a wine in this price range). It could cellar for a few years, but is drinking very nicely now. For the price it is neither soft and simple or harsh and tannic, but ‘just right’. Mr Medvedev recommended it as well – a true peoples wine.


Chris Plummer said...

Love the photo fellas! The crazy eye reminds me of Damien Martyn's commentary during the Ashes ;)

It might sound weird, but I suspect Mike Press wines are a lot easier to find in Sydney than Adelaide. I can only think of a few specialist stores who stock that brand here. Damn corporate big wig domination.......

Chris P

Brown said...

Cheers Chris.
Mr Medvedev does have crazy eyes and prefers vodka!

I have only found Mike Press wines at my local bottle shop (chambers cellars Randwick) but I sure there are others. There is so much ordinary wine in this price range, it is great to have a dependable brand nearby. I didn't mind the 2008 Chardonnay either.
Look for a few more 'wine friends' in upcoming posts.



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