Thursday, November 17, 2011

RedtoBrown Wine News Exclusive: Barack Obama Endorses WBMwinemagazine’s #Top100WineTweeters Concept

November 17, 2011 - 8:51PM.

President Obama casts a friendly eye over the media throng in Canberra

Canberra: US President Barack Obama last night surprisingly endorsed WBM Wine Magazine’s concept of a Top 100 Australian wine tweeters list. Obama, who last night was attending a parliamentary dinner hosted by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard was candid with RedtoBrown reporters when asked about the list. “I love the idea and love Australian wine. In fact, I have known about Australian wine for some time now. My Grandmother would bring home bottles of Aussie wine like Lindeman’s Bin 65 when I lived in Hawaii. She would sit on the porch drinking a glass while I dreamed of change the USA could believe in. I hold those memories dear, and to this day my aides keep me abreast of all the developments in the Australian wine industry”.

Obama is famous for harnessing the power of social media, and as such, is well-versed in assessing the merits of the WBM Wine Magazine’s Top 100 Tweeters concept. In between slices of Australian lamb, washed down with Coonawarra cabernet, Obama praised the WMB Wine Magazine initiative.

“The concept of a top 100 list on Twitter is fresh, untried - I mean, who has seen a top 100, top 20, top 5 list on Twitter in the last 5 years?. It channels and promotes all the positive elements of new media – narcissism, sycophancy, self-absorption, vested interest to gain more exposure and increase company/winery revenue – I like it”.

Obama also stated he was an interested observer of the #Top100WineTweeters hashtag conversation that was occurring when he landed in Canberra on Wednesday afternoon. “I saw people discussing the top 100 list while I was on my way to Parliament House and it brought back memories of when I was trying to make a name for myself in the cut-throat Chicago political system. I liked the chutzpah of the tweeters – largely industry reps and wineries - nominating their friends to be on the list and the others who openly stated their tactics for being placed on the list. Blatant and singular self-promotion once worked for me at a local Democrat Convention, so it all brought a smile to my face”.

Obama was non-commital when asked if he had ever attempted the ‘Mollydooker Shake’
Obama was so positive about the Top100 Wine Tweeters idea that he feared news of the list may overshadow the announcement of a new joint facility in Darwin. “Posting 2500 US Marines in Darwin is big news, but the potential of this list to influence the wine world may put my announcement in the shade – yet another example of the intelligent and original use of social media tools”.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard refused to be put on the record when questioned by RedtoBrown, though it was noted that she was slowly making her way through a bottle of Victorian cool climate Syrah on the night.


Patrick Haddock said...

Brilliant work guys, let's hope that put you on the list!

Brown said...

Thanks Patrick. As for being on 'The list' - I sincerely hope not!!! :-)

Mike Bennie said...

Haha. So good. A satisfying blend of vitriol and humour. Delicious.

Misha (Misha's Vineyard) said...

This may be the most brilliant way to suck up and make it to the list! But then you know those WBM folks can be a bit controversial and might decide such blatant 'suck-upness' should not be rewarded! Anyway, good luck from across the ditch!

Red said...

Great post Rod. Made me chuckle.

Misha, not sure how closely you read the article if you think it's a suck up. Try and read it again.

Brown said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to channel Paul Keating, Steve Malkmus and Ricky Gervais for that article :-)

Misha (Misha's Vineyard) said...

Hey guys, it wasn't about WHAT you said, just the fact you said something about the (flawed) initiative! You even made it to TWTW so like it or not, you're on the radar for potential inclusion!

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