Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wickhams Road Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2010

When you are relaxing on a lazy Saturday you can sometimes have lapses of concentration - like opening your one and only Wickhams Road Mornington Peninsula Pinot instead of one of the two Wickhams Road Gippsland Pinot Noirs you have at home. Nevermind, another order may have to be on the cards :-)

The 2010 Gippsland Pinot was reviewed (and enjoyed) by Red here, and the Mornington Peninsula version is also on the money (a bargain price of $16 at that). This is an accessible wine that is not a shameless sweet populist. Varietal juicy red fruits (including strawberry, some rasberry) are nicely balanced with a sappy element that is pleasantly bitter without straying into vegetal territory. There is minimal/no residual sweetness nor excess alcohol heat. The mouthfeel is soft and generous, though not flabby. It finishes with surprising persistence. This is still probably in its developmental stages, and I can see it settling further in the bottle and gaining more focus and zing. At the moment it is a relatively generous yet still restrained, highly enjoyable Pinot that should please many. For $16 how could it not?

/ 90 pts

RRP: $16
ABV: 13.2%


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Not had this pinot yet and I was going to hang off trying it for a bit longer. I better get one soon though, because their wines have a habit of running off the shelves much too quickly these days.

Brown said...

Hi Sean,
Not sure of the volumes their Pinots are made in, but I imagine they will sell steadily once more people try them. Red has been to Hoddles Creek and it is a great setup. On the second day, this wine is still in the groove - a very enjoyable wine. If I wasn't keen on trying a new wine as much as possible, I would stock up on a dozen of these as my 'affordable Pinot'.



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