Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RedtoBrown Update - Red is Back!

Reports have surfaced that one half of RedtoBrown has returned from a 3 week wine research trip in China (eg: a holiday). Well, wine wasn't the primary aim of the holiday, but Red has promised RedtoBrown that there will be a few articles posted on the Chinese wine scene and maybe even a few tasting notes on some Chinese wines. I am particularly intrigued to see if any rip-off bottles of Penfolds (Prenfolds/Pennfolds, etc) was consumed and whether it tasted like wine.

As for me, with Red back, I may now have time to expand on some thoughts about the language of wine reviews and why a term like 'barnyard' or forest floor' are acceptable terms for non wine nerds/wankers.


Red said...

The reports are true.
I've come in from the cold . . . literally
Great to be back home and yes there are some China related posts I will do in the next week or so

Chris Plummer said...

Barnyard's always an interesting one isn't it Brown?

I recall when Beck and I first got into wine, we'd encounter mature shiraz together and she'd say it was like 'cow poo', but I would optimistically tell her; 'uh, uh, perhaps barnyard'. :)

Perhaps a measure for 'acceptable' terms mate.....


p.s. she still holds her reservations over mature shiraz

Brown said...

:-) I remember fondly a blind tasting with friends when we had tried 2 clean, dare I say industrial reds and then tried a 'complex' Southern Rhone blend. Funky barnyard (my favourite descriptor on a number of levels) was the most polite way to describe the smell.

I am want to describe arguably my least favourite white wine variety as smelling of cats p...... though there are more polite ways of getting the message accross :-)

Been meaning to write another rambling analysis on the topic one day, suffice to say wine (and sport) descriptors become a language of their own eventually.



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