Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bay of Fires Tasmanian Cuvee (Tasmania)

With the warmer weather and the missus being a lover of bubbles, we’ve been drinking a bit more sparkling of late. This Bay of Fires Tasmanian Cuvee is a decent sparkling but when compared to the Brown Brothers NV reviewed on this site last week, it’s clearly of lesser quality and another $10-15 more expensive.

This would go down well at a stand up event this summer with its nice red fruit flavours, along with some lovely rich, creaminess. If you’re in a bit more of a contemplative setting however, it won’t bear up quite so well with a lack of focus on the palate that is supported by less than smooth acidity. In the end a decent enough sparkling that has just enough flavour and complexity to get it over the line for 3.5 stars.


RRP: $31.50
ABV: 12.5%



Brown said...

Curious what red fruit flavours there were in this (unless you have patented your own fruit flavours - not sure 'Brown' fruit flavours would sound as appealing).
At $31, you could pay $10-15 more and get Piper H and Moet (let alone save money on the Browns which is the value sparkler of the summer (or so it seems).
Might steer clear of this.

Red said...

Mainly red apple along with a bit of strawberry. Is red fruits an unusual/contoversial descriptor? Would have thought it quite standard.

Brown said...

Red fruits is indeed a common descriptor, though in the context of Champagne/Sparkling, I was curious if there was any rasberry or stronger strawberry in this. If so, even more reason to give it a miss.
The 'Red fruit flavours' as a patented flavour descriptor was just me being cute/unfunny (as I am wont to do).
Will be buying and consuming quite a bit of Champagne this summer, and these reviews are getting me in the mood!

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