Saturday, October 2, 2010

2008 Tar & Roses Tempranillo (Heathcote, Alpine Valleys)

I’m yet to have a Tempranillo moment.

In the past few years, as my tastes have really expanded beyond the Aussie staples of Cabernet and Shiraz, I’ve invariably had a moment with other red varietals that have grabbed me, excited me, and made me want to go out and drink and purchase as much of the wine that my budget allows. Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and Nebbiolo are all examples of where this has happened.

My Tempranillo moment may well come as I try more Spanish examples, as well as an increasing number of good quality Australian examples, but for whatever reason Tempranillo has thus far failed to grab my imagination.

This wine is good drinking and worked well while watching footy finals the other week with a pizza. Nice nose of red fruits, five spice and maybe a touch of tobacco. Oak is there but not unpleasant. To drink it’s a bit overripe but nevertheless has some enjoyable flavours of sour cherry, sarsaparilla, and liquorice. Medium-full bodied. Good wine and fairly priced. My score might be considered a bit miserly for those who have more of a taste for Tempranillo.


RRP: $25
ABV: 14.0%


Brown said...

You are a Tempranillo cynic AA. Looking forward to showing you some Rioja GR and other Spaniards, maybe a good theme for the next Face Off?

Red said...

It would be a good Face-Off. Does Paella go well with Rioja? ;-)
Tempranillo is actually a variety I would like to like, so I'm hoping my views change, but for the moment I remain a bit ambivalent about it.
I note that Halliday has said he has struggled to understand the variety so I'm not entirely on my own . .

Stu. said...

Drinking this now. Agreed. Yet to have a temp 'moment' too. Have had too Many that are lifeless and rather...uninteresting.

Theres two from Yalumba: Running With Bulls and Wrattonbully that seem good examples. I'll continue my quest, but unlikely to write this up. Might become 'lasagne' wine.


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