Friday, January 29, 2010

2008 Prunotto Dolcetto D’alba (Piedmont, Italy - $25)

I’ve had this wine twice now and it’s been a great exercise in how external factors can affect your taste and enjoyment of a wine. The first time I tried it, the wine was drunk out of not particularly good wine glasses and at room temperature. While it was perfectly serviceable it didn’t really grab me at the time.

You will often read that red wine should be drunk at room temperature, though this is often said more from a European point of view, and really means that red wine should be served between 16-18 degrees. As room temperature in January in Australia is regularly at 25 degrees, even at dinner time, you are not really doing red wine a lot of favours if you simply serve it at room temperature.
Tonight, on a pretty warm evening, I put the wine in the fridge for 20 minutes just to cool it down a bit from room temperature, and then drunk it out of one of my lovely Riedel glasses. These two factors seemed to make a significant difference in turning it from a so-so wine into an enjoyable wine.
The wine has a deep purple-violet colour, as is typical with dolcetto. A nice nose of dark fruits, liquorice, and a bit of vanilla oak. To drink, dolcetto is normally juicy, plump and round before ending with a dry finish, and this wine fits the bill in this regard. Its medium bodied, continues with the same dark fruit flavours, has a hint of spice, and has a dry finish of reasonable length. Enjoyable, easy drinking and complemented the pizza perfectly.


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