Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2008 Moorilla Muse Pinot Noir

(A word of warning - this wine displays a somewhat erotic image on the label, so it mightn't be the best wine to take on a date . . . . or maybe it is depending on your style!)

Tasmania is the one state in Australia that to my mind doesn’t properly identify/promote its distinct wine regions. Tasmanian wines are still often labelled just “Tasmania” as opposed to any specific region. I think to some extent this has prevented me exploring Tasmanian wine as much as I might have. The more I’ve got into wine, the more I’ve found myself interested in the characteristics of each wine region, the sub-regions within each region, and even particular single sites and vineyards. And plenty people who are not as into their wine can often still tell you that they like their Barossa Shiraz or their Yarra Valley Pinot Noir. I would love to see Tasmanian wine really start identifying and promoting wines as being from Tamar, Coal River, the Huon etc.

2008 Moorilla Muse Pinot Noir - $45 – Moorilla are north of Hobart on the Derwent and this wine definitely encourages me to drink more Tasmanian Pinot (despite my grumblings). It’s certainly varietal with a gentle nose of cherries, strawberries, and spice. On the palate the same flavours carry through in a mouth filling way along with a hint of chocolate. On the back palate it has a savoury, sour/sour cherry finish. It’s a tad short in terms of the length but it’s very enjoyable drinking and went really well with an old school dish of Tuna Mornay for dinner (yum!). Reckon the wine will be better again in a year’s time and there’s enough there to suggest that it’s also worth cellaring for a few years to allow it develop. Good stuff.



Tim said...

Tasmania as a whole state is considered 1 single GI, hence winemakers can technically just put "Tasmania" on the label and be correct. I agree though that being more specific would help punters hone their decisions on whether to buy it. As a whole though, I think Tasmanian wines are overpriced for their quality.


Red said...

Good point on the GI, though my question would be are Tasmanian winemakers pushing to have the geographical indicators changed (not sure how involved a process that is), and more broadly promote the regionality within Tasmania?
I went to as a Tasmanian wine tasting last year, and none of the winemakers I talked to seemed to be of the view that the current situation was unsatisfactory.


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