Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hahndorf Hill Winery ‘Blueblood’ Blaufränkisch 2010

I am always of two minds when it comes to rare wine varieties grown in Australia. I like the novelty, though often find the wines are more ‘dry red’ than varietal, or at least (and more understandably), something different. The Hahndorf Hill ‘Blueblood’ was, up until recently, the only Blaufränkisch grown in Australia. Unlike a number of the rare/new varieties grown in Australia it delivers.

The Blueblood has a nose with some aniseed, all-spice, traces of white pepper, and as the name suggests, blue fruits. On the palate, integrated oak enmeshes effortlessly with liquorice, aniseed and more blue fruits (with riper blue fruit becoming more apparent with some air). After a day on the tasting bench, white pepper emerged more prominently. There was cleansing acidity and interesting  ripe tannins on the palate.
After 6 days on the tasting bench (an accidental occurrence after another busy working week!) the wine held up nicely –a big surprise. A pleasant smokiness had evolved on the finish, along with salted black liquorice. This wine should cellar nicely.

In summary, an age-worthy ‘point of difference’ wine that is fun to pronounce, will please many, but doesn’t taste like a ‘solid dry red’.

Rating: 93+
Price: $35
ABV: 14%

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