Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Scott Fiano (Adelaide Hills)

If you had asked me a week ago where to go for a good Australian Fiano, I would have said Coriole, maybe Oliver’s Taranga, and then have been stumped for much else. I can now add Scott Wines from the Adelaide Hills to that list. I initially tasted it blind in amongst a line up of 35 other whites, courtesy of wine scribe Mike Bennie, and it really stood out then, and only subsequently improved upon retasting over a couple of days.

This is a wine of nice weight and richness of fruit that remains taut and trim all the same. It tastes of melon and pear, lovely spice, and some appealing herbal notes that really add to the wine. Crisp acidity, a sense of minerality, and that bit of viscosity, all give it a texture that distinguishes it from more run of the mill white wines. A great length of finish rounds it all off.

This 2011 Scott Fiano is terrific and worth seeking out if you want to see what we are capable of with this Southern Italian variety.


ABV: 13.5%
RRP: $26
Website: http://www.scottwinemaking.com.au/



mikebennie said...

Great review! Thanks for coming. MB

Josh Tuckfield said...

Brilliant. I feel like a bottle now

Red said...

Thanks guys. It is well worth seeking out.

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