Thursday, July 14, 2011

2010 Dominique Portet Fontaine Rose

This looks to be the first Rosé I have reviewed on our blog. I enjoy Rosé, but rarely love it, and while there has been an interesting trend towards Rosé in Australia that is “pale, dry, and textural”, these wines still by and large fail to get me overly excited.

The 2010 Dominique Portet Rosé, however, is one of the most enjoyable Rosé’s I have had. My wife and I polished off the bottle with relish over the course of an evening. For my tastes, it’s perfectly balanced between fruit and savoury flavours, with berries and cherries up against some lovely nutty notes and a hint of bitterness. It’s all underpinned by a fine acidity and a fantastic persistence.

It’s pale enough, dry enough, and textural enough for anyone who wants to contemplate and appreciate their Rosé, but also shows enough pure fruit sweetness and ease of drinking that it can be simply washed down and enjoyed as well. Great stuff. 4 Stars


RRP: $20


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