Sunday, June 5, 2011

2009 Moppity Vineyards Shiraz

One of a few wines I tried while flying to Argentina on holiday. This was served blind with me only knowing it was an Australian Shiraz. In the relaxed, high altitude holiday atmosphere it smelt like it could have been a Barossa or South Australian wine. Rich blue and black fruits and vanilla and spice on the nose, ripe blue, black spicy fruit with sweet oak, and resultant grippy ripe tannins on the palate.
While not all over the shop, the wine finished in a flavoursome flurry. When playing my own in flight guessing game, I decided this was either a relatively restrained Barossa Valley/Eden Valley Shiraz with some non-pepper spices or a ripe Canberran (because of the clove spice).

When the big reveal occurred (me discretely peeking at the wines on the trolley!) I was not surprised when it was outed as a Hilltops – in hindsight (a glorious thing for many wine writers) it had a similar ripeness and juiciness as the 2009 Clonakilla Hilltops Shiraz I had tried a few months previously. All in all, a ripe wine that will please many, though may not be to the liking of those seeking a cool climate/delicate ‘syrah’.

Rating: Not Rated (on holidays!)
ABV: 13.9%
RRP: $24-25

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Shiraz Loving Australians said...

Australian Shiraz is often characterized by ripe fruity nose and mix of spices and tannins. Love the aromas

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