Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2010 Clonakilla Riesling (Canberra)

Having been overseas for most of January I’ve missed much of the Summer of Riesling , however I’ll endeavour to attend some of the remaining events in the next week or two.

This has a floral nose of citrus, talc and an appealing note of aniseed. It seemed a touch disjointed on the palate initially but with some time and moving towards room temperature it came together nicely. Excellent line and length of generous flavor, that’s supported by a clean and prominent acidity, and a nice touch of minerality. It has just a smidgen of residual sugar, which isn’t necessarily always to my tastes, but it works pretty well here. Quality Riesling, and a nice departure from my Eden Valley and Clare Valley staples.


RRP: $25
ABV: 12.5%



Sean Mitchell said...

Let me know if you try to age a few of these, as I haven't had much success with some of their earlier vintages (06 and 07), when I really thought I might. Which has made me think I'd overestimated some earlier vintages of this wine while young.

Red said...

Interesting. What has happened to them once they have a few years on them? To my mind everything is in place for the '10 to age nicely over the next 5-10 years, however, that's just my best guess and the proof of course is in the drinking, so it will be interesting to see where this wine is in 5 years or so.

Sean Mitchell said...

Lots of aromatic development evolution: toast, honey, but the palate has remained pleasant, but kind of plain so far. I have about a dozen of these, so hopefully I am wrong :)

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