Sunday, May 23, 2010

2006 Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon – Nagambie Lakes (Retail)

Is there a winery producing better quality, cellarable reds in the sub $20 price range in Australia at the moment?

I’ve had more of their Shiraz than Cabernet, though I really enjoyed their 05 Cabernet. I think I like the 06 even more.

It’s a savoury, somewhat rustic wine that tastes like it’s a Tahbilk, and yet it has enough clean, tasty fruit to keep most people happy. It has a perfumed nose with some floral, violet aromas, along with blackcurrant, earth, and well integrated oak. On the front palate there is some nice sweet fruit, but from there it’s all savoury. It’s long and nicely balanced, with hints of mint and salt, and a dry finish of some nice sour and bitter flavours. The tannins are a superb element to this wine. They’re very fine and integrated, but nevertheless noticeable in the way they provide weight and structure to the wine and give it its dry, slightly puckering finish. This wine will do 10 years in a canter and how much longer than that probably just depends on how well you cellar it. Superb wine for the price.


RRP: $17
ABV: 14.5%



Andrew Graham said...

Agreed. Awesome wine for the price.

Jeremy Pringle said...

I can't think of a better cellaring red sub $20 off the top of my head. Certainly not 10+ years anyway.


Red said...

Wynns Black Label has been the affordable, cellarable Cabernet in my cellar, but I reckon this wine wil start to occupy just as much space.

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