Saturday, April 17, 2010

2006 Rosby Cabernet Sauvignon - (Cellar Door)

I’ve previously written about the unique nature of the Rosby vineyard in Mudgee and their 06 Shiraz -

Their 06 Cabernet Sauvignon and 06 Shiraz are two wines that absolutely smell and taste of being from the same place, however the Cab Sav is a step up from the Shiraz (noting that I really enjoyed the Shiraz). The difference between the two wines is the natural difference between the grape varieties and the fact that cab sav performs better in Mudgee (in my opinion).

A rich, fragrant nose of blackcurrant, plum, earth, and chocolate. On the palate it has structure, balanced tannins, and persistence. The flavours on the front-mid palate are those which are on the nose, but the finish of the wine is slightly more savoury, with a hint of sourness. As a wine it really has a lot in common with its Shiraz sibling from the same vineyard, but it is just that much more complex, structured, and simply enjoyable. Has at least another 5 years in it, and possibly a lot longer. Fantastic value at $18 a bottle!


ABV: 13.6%
RRP: $18 (in a case, cellar door)


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Red said...

Had this again last night and it was singing. A lovely balance between its beautiful fruit and savoury earthiness.

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