Sunday, March 7, 2010

2007 Cape Mentelle Trinders – Cabernet Merlot - $22 . . . proudly sponsored by Katie

This wine has been very positively reviewed by wine critics and on some other blogs. I’m here to add my voice to the chorus of praise.

Balanced. That’s what I kept thinking while drinking it. Every element of the wine seems to be in perfect balance and harmony with each other. It smells like a Margaret River Cabernet with dusty, gravelly berry fruits along with a hint of olive. The most noticeable thing about this wine is its beautiful structure. The flavours of the wine course evenly down the palate in a tight, direct line with excellent length. It tastes of dark berry fruits, herbs, a hint of chocolate, and finishes with some slightly sour notes. It has some very gentle, powdery tannin, and with the wonderful structure and balance of the wine it should ensure that it ages beautifully over the next 10 years. On the first night I tried it, despite its obvious quality, it lacked a pure enjoyment factor, but on the second night it really came together, indicating that it will really be singing with a few years in the cellar.



Chris Plummer said...

So true! And nice work getting kitty into the photo - I've tried but I can't get him to sit still for long enough!

Red said...

Katie is surprisingly calm around wine bottles . . . familiarity breeds comtempt?

Red said...

Have had this over the past 3 nights, and drinking beautifully but still plenty young. Reckon it will age well beyond the 10 year mark.

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