Saturday, December 19, 2009

2008 Georges Du Boeuf Beaujolais Villages

I've become a bit of fan of the Gamay grape in recent times. Brown is a bit more of a sceptic with the variety, and as such this could be the subject of a worthy Face-Off between the two of us.
Previously I'd had a negative perception of the wine, given what you often read about it being simple, flimsy, and not age-worthy. This perception was changed the day I had a Cru Beaujolais from Fleurie. It was a dark wine, of structure, tannin, complexity, and would undoubtedly age for 10 years.
The 2008 Georges Du Boeuf Beaujolais Villages ($15) is a great summer red for quaffing. I picked it up at Dan Murphys for $15. As a Village level wine you're always a bit worried about the quality of the wine that you'll be drinking, but no such dramas in this instance.
It's a nice cherry red in colour, and certainly a lot darker than many pinots you would often drink. It has a lovely, soft nose of flowers and berries. On the palette it's beautiful and smooth. The front palette has some nice fruit sweetness, and then through the middle to back palette sour cherry comes through. It finishes with decent length and some soft, drying tannin.
Serve this slightly chilled on a balmy evening this summer . . .



Brown said...

No Face off required for this wine. I am not a a sceptic so much as you are a fan!!!!. I have had some terrible Beaujolais in the past and the number of bubble gum sweet shockers outweighs the good drops at this stage.. Though as with wine styles in Australia it appears the French are tweaking their Beaujolais for the better. This is a good wine and I am keen to try more.

gilbert said...

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